How Health Insurance Reform Will Benefit California

The Obama Administration recently releasead a report about how insurance reform will benefit individual states.

The report issues a number of state-specific facts & figures, some of the more interesting I found to be:

  • Roughly 19.7 million people in California get health insurance on the job, where family premiums average $13,297, about the annual earning of a full-time minimum wage job.
  • Since 2000 alone, average family premiums have increased by 114 percent in California.
  • 19 percent of people in California are uninsured, and 71 percent of them are in families with at least one full-time worker.
  • Choice of health insurance is limited in California. Kaiser Permanente alone constitutes 24 percent of the health insurance market share in California, with the top two insurance providers accounting for 44 percent.
  • The full report, along with others, can be accessed at the website.


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