A Visit to Jewish Home for the Aged San Francisco

The Jewish Home of San Francisco was the first nursing home I ever visited in California back in the 1970’s. Its former Executive Director, Jerry Levine, gave me a personal tour back then that I will never forget. Yes, I have forgotten the facts of the tour, but not Jerry’s enthusiasm, compassion, and the personal way he greeted the individual residents along the way.

Fast forward to Monday, November 30, 2009 and another visit to the Jewish Home, with current President and CEO, Daniel Ruth. The Jewish Home has made amazing strides, diversifying to provide services for many different populations with multiple and unique care and service needs. Its nine-acre campus with five distinct buildings serves over 430 residents. It now has remodeled primary care space, a bustling short term rehabilitation unit, a research center dedicated to medications and elders, and a new acute care psychiatric wing almost complete.

Only one month ago, it opened Moldaw Family Residences, a CCRC on the Taube Campus for Jewish Life in Palo Alto. The Jewish Home is definitely an organization on the move. Yet enthusiasm, compassion, and personal dignity remain part of every move the Jewish Home makes, wherever their journey may take them.


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