Smashing Views and Low Utility Costs at Satellite Housing

Would you like your retirement community to have a smashing view of the Bay and the skyline of San Francisco, along with a $10-15 utility bill per month? If you are a resident of Helios Corner, an 80 unit affordable housing community in Berkeley developed and managed by Satellite Housing, that might be just what you have.

Ryan Chao, President of Satellite Housing, took me on a tour this past Monday, early in the afternoon on a sparkling and warm November day. Co-located with the main offices of Satellite Housing on University Avenue, the fourth floor of residential units is high enough to command terrific views. The solar heating installed during construction three years ago accounts for the extremely modest utility costs. Helios Corner is only one of 22 communities that Satellite developed or manages. Satellite Housing provides affordable, service-enriched housing that promotes healthy and dignified living for people with limited options. What a great job they are doing!

A tip – if you want front row seats for the July 4th fireworks, call Ryan and ask about the 4th floor!


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