Dr. Bill Thomas – Elderhood Rising: The Dawn of a New World Age

This talk by Dr. Thomas provides a riveting account of Ageism in American society. He explains that aging is often discussed as a “technical problem” instead of as a way we are designed. We are taught that there are three stages in life: childhood, adolescence and adult hood. Baby boomers face a unique connection to adult hood where they are driven to stay young and active, in fear of aging. Dr. Thomas argues that older people only have standing in society if they can do things that are considered youthful. Once they lose this ability, they begin to disappear. He finds this very troubling, and stands as an ambassador to the fourth stage of life: elderhood. He recognizes that this stage is accompanied by many challenges, but that it is also full of deep and rich connections.


One response to “Dr. Bill Thomas – Elderhood Rising: The Dawn of a New World Age

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