Growing our Aging Services Family

On November 16, the Obama Administration announced the 2010 and 2011 grant funding for the Section 202 Capital Advance program. Section 202 provides housing for very low-income seniors, age 62 or older who are at our below 50 percent of median income, however, many households that receive assistance earn less than 30 percent of the median income. These grants help non-profit organizations produce accessible, housing, offer rental assistance and facilities supportive services.

California received nine Section 202 Capital Advance grant awards, six of which went to members of Aging Services of California., Petaluma Ecumenical Properties, Retirement Housing Foundation each received two grant awards. In total, these six new communities will add 279 new units of affordable senior housing.

Communities will be built using a host of innovative design aspects including: green technology, universal design, accessibility to public transportation, community-building common space, or access to supportive services. We wish to congratulate each organization who received an award, and we look forward welcoming these communities into the Aging Services family.

A complete description of each project can be accessed here.


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