A Visit at Rolling Oaks

Our Membership Manager, Maricel Lumaquin, recently visited one of our member communities, Rolling Oaks Apartments in Rocklin, and shared a few words about her enjoyable experience there. 

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on January 13, 2015 when I visited Rolling Oaks Apartments, a VOA 78 unit affordable housing in Rocklin. I was greeted with smiles by residents in the lobby. Turning right was the office of Suzi Johnson, Service Coordinator for 8 years. Her office was adorned by beautiful decorations given to her by her residents, reflecting the diversity and different cultures of the community. Suzi knows her residents and they love her. She takes notes of all her interactions with them and enters them in the computer when she has time. Her record keeping helps her when something unusual is happening such as when a resident hasn’t been out of his apartment. She is their buddy, their counselor, she is their friend. She is a people person.

At 74, Suzi is an example that age is just a number. She is very energetic and sharp. She drives every day from her West Sacramento home. And she loves what she’s doing.

Her words of wisdom… “Surround yourself with good people and positive environment.”

Maricel Lumaquin, Membership Manager for LeadingAge California. Maricel can be reached at (916) 469-3373 or mlumaquin@aging.org


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