A Valentine’s Day Story – Wilmer and Beulah

One of our members, Valle Verde in Santa Barbara, shared a lovely story with us about a couple celebrating their 71st Valentine’s Day together:

VV The HaasesWilmer and Beulah Haas met in high school, and one year later at just 19 years old, were married. Now the couple is on their way to celebrating their 71st Valentine’s Day together.

Valentine’s Day traditions are usually the same for the Santa Barbara couple. For as long as she can remember, Beulah has been making her husband’s favorite dessert for him, her special pecan pie, and they always share an intimate and romantic night together, just like they did more than 70 years ago.

Through all the cross-country moves, new jobs, anniversaries, fights, make-ups, tears and laughter the Haases have been through it all. They say the secret to a successful marriage is respect, and admitting when you’re wrong – it’s all about the give and take. In a time where separation and divorce rates are so high, they’ve always lived by the rule that they were in it for the long run, no matter what obstacles came their way.

Today, Wilmer and Beulah live happily together at their home at Valle Verde, and are blessed with eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Their five children see them as role models for what marriage should be like, and aspire to have the same kind of commitment years down the road, just like their parents.


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