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Enough is enough! Call-In to Congress this Week

Larry Minnix, President & CEO  of LeadingAge is urging all members to call their elected officials on Congress this week. Call today – the number is (855) 218-2109

Members Take Message to Capitol Hill

Several members of Aging Services of California attended the 2011 Future of Aging Services Conference sponsored by LeadingAge earlier this month. As part of the conference, members spent time on Capitol Hill – talking to lawmakers and their staff about expanding the world of possibilities for aging.
Aging Services Leaders Meet with Representative Pelosi’s Office

Pictured above: Joanne Handy, Aging Services of California; Pam Kaufman, Hanson Bridgett; Liz Miller, Representative Pelosi’s Office; Eileen Kunz, On Lok; and Jerry Brown, Bethany Center.

Aging Services Members Meet with Representative Waxman

Pictured above: Chris Bernabe, TELACU; Matt Bearce; Dr. Neil Cutler, Motion Picture and Television Fund; and Representative Henry Waxman.

Aging Services Advocates on The Hill

We are listening to Donna Brazile, political commentator, prepare us for our visits to the Hill this afternoon. We have a strong California contingent ready to advocate for the older persons we serve.