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Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living

I was fortunate to be able to spend some time at the Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living (RCJL), a new Aging Services member. Executive Director Janice Corran, took me on a tour of the campus – and it’s beautiful. All of the living spaces are painted in homey colors, and wood style flooring gives rooms and public spaces a really cozy feel. Walls are adorned with commissioned murals, resident art and works created by the campus artist-in-residence. The community has been updating over some time and they continue to initiate and complete projects aimed at enhancing the resident experience on campus.

RCJL also houses the Jewish Heritage Museum, which is an institutional member of the Council of American Jewish Museums. It is a well respected Museum of Jewish Heritage and pieces from the museum’s collection are located in display cases throughout the campus. Museum pieces are on display for residents as well as visitors.

An exciting new development at Reutlinger is the opening of the Tikvah Center in the coming weeks. Tikvah means hope and the Tikvah Center will provide a level of care that will allow the most frail elders the ability to remain in a residential setting as long as possible. This is an exciting new addition to the campus and enhances the continuum of care already available to residents.

I am continually amazed by the incredible innovations and environments created by Aging Services members. RCJL embodies innovation, quality living and exceptional resident experience.


A Visit to Jewish Home for the Aged San Francisco

The Jewish Home of San Francisco was the first nursing home I ever visited in California back in the 1970’s. Its former Executive Director, Jerry Levine, gave me a personal tour back then that I will never forget. Yes, I have forgotten the facts of the tour, but not Jerry’s enthusiasm, compassion, and the personal way he greeted the individual residents along the way. Continue reading